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St. John's #1P Masonic Lodge

St. John's currently meets in the scenic Edgewood section of Cranston,  every third Wednesday of every month expect July and August.  The lodge and  location are steeped in tradition  and history  revelant to Freemasonry, the state of Rhode Island and the formation of  this great nation, The United States of America. 

Masters Message September 2016

Greetings Brothers,

Summer is  almost finished and   we   are   preparing to  return to  Lodge soon.    This    summer has   been    a  full   one   beginning with    our Annual Surf   and   Turf   Banquet held   at  the   East   Greenwich Yacht    Club. The   Family picnic    held   in  August at  Buttonwoods Masonic Youth    Center was   a  success with    over    one   hundred brothers and   their    families in attendance. The   heat   was   unbearable and   many    used    the   pool   throughout the   day.   Special thanks to Junior  Warden  Richard  Gonzalez and   his crew,    including, Bros. John Paliotta, Hugo Adames, Chris Baker and all  the   others    who   lent   a  helping hand    during     the   day. Those on  the   grill not   only   dealt    with   the   heat   of  the   day   but   that   of  the   grill,    cooking all  day until   the   end.   Thank    you   all  for   what    you   have    done    to  make    this   event    so successful.  

As we   approach September and   the   return    to  Lodge     we   begin to  work    again    in  the   quarries of  masonry. The   Lodge will   participate in  the   District Deputy’s visitation to  Oversea Lodge     #40   on  September 13,   2016.    Our   own    Lodge will   hold    its   monthly communication on September 21,   2016    with    a  lecture from    R∴W∴Richard Lynch     on, “ A  Haunted  House,  A  Ghost  and  A  Mason”.  A new   presentation from Brother Lynch. On   September 25,   2106    the   Lodge     will   hold   its Annual Worship Service at Hope Congressional Church in  East   Providence, RI   at  10:00    AM.    All   Brothers are   welcomed and   encouraged to  attend and participate in these events.I look    forward to  seeing you   all   in  Lodge,
not   just   now    but throughout the   year    as  we   prepare to  confer the   degrees on   several candidates. Until then, travel safely.


William DeLuca
Worshipful Master