Masters Message May 2017

Greetings Brothers,

The  past  meeting  of  St.  Johns  Lodge  #1 Providence saw a huge turnout for R∴W∴Gary Kaufman, DDGM of the Metro District, in   his   last   visitation   within   the   district.   The  meeting  was  attended  by  our  M∴W∴Stephen T. McGuire, Grand Master for Rhode Island  and  over  two  thirds  of  the  living  past  Grand Masters. As well as past Grand Masters from  out  of  state  and  well  over  one  hundred  seventy  brothers  and  ladies  for  the  evening  presentation.  M∴W∴  Avi  Baranes,  Grand  Master  of  the  State  of  Israel,  did  not  disappoint  in  his  lecture  on,  “The  History  of  Freemasonry in Israel”.  The lecture was well received and will stimulate  discussion  for  a  while  among  the  brethren.  I  wish  to  thank RW Richard Lynch for all the skill, time and effort he put into  organizing  the  visitation  of  MV  Baranes  and  his  wife,  Dr.  Osnat Baranes.  From picking them up at Logan airport in Boston to  dropping  them  off  at  the  end  of  their  visit.  R∴W∴  Lynch  prepared  a  schedule  that  kept  our  quests  busy  visiting  Newport  Mansions and Fort Adams to historical sites and shopping in the Capital city.

Our  May  meeting  will  feature  Shai  Afsai  of  Redwood  Lodge  #35. He is a charter member and fellow of the Collegium Luminosum.  His  articles  have  appeared  in  publications  such  as  Heredom: The Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society, Philalethes;  The  Journal  of  Masonic  Research  &  Letters,  The  Journal  of  the  Masonic  Society,  The  Journal  of  the  American  Revolution,   Rhode   Island   History,   and   Anthropology   Today.His  topic  will  by,  “Thomas  Paine,  Deism,  and  the  Masonic  Fraternity”.  It should be an interesting evening and topic.

On  May  22,  2017  the  Grand  Lodge  will  be  having  the  installation  of  RWDGM  Peter  Iacobucci  as  our  162nd  Grand  Master for the State of Rhode Island. We look forward to wishing RWDGM Iacobucci the best as he goes to the East. Also to thank M∴W∴  Stephen  T.  McGuire,  for  all  he  has  done  for  the  craft  in  the  last  year.  His  Town  Hall  meetings  were  informative  and  his continued support of St. Johns Lodge #1 Providence has been welcomed and well received by all.

The Annual meeting this year is being held on Friday June 23, 2017. I look forward to welcoming you all in Lodge and wish you good health and safe travels.


William DeLuca                                                                                                                                     
Worshipful Master