Masters Message June 2017`

Greetings Brothers,

This will    be   my    final    Master’s Message to  the   Brethren as  my   year    rapidly comes     to  a  close.    We   have    done    many    exciting and   unique things    this   year   and   I  wish    to  thank all  our   Brothers for   their    assistance in  the   part they played during the year.

We made    our   biennial trip   to Euclid Lodge in   New    Jersey on   Saturday, May 6,   2017 with    twenty-seven brothers in attendance. Upon    arrival we   were    greeted by our   Euclid     brothers, who   provided us  with   lunch    of  seven,    six-foot sandwiches and   liberation. Later    we   open    and   closed     Lodge     with both  the  M∴W∴  Grand  Master  of  Rhode  Island,  Stephen  T.  McGuire and   the M∴W∴Grand Master of New Jersey, Walter R.  Kaulfersin  attendance. We   then    partook in  a  Table    Lodge, excellently prepared by  the   brothers of  Euclid. Many    toasts    later we concluded our visit with a chorus of Auld Lang Syne.

At our   May    communication, we   had   our   latest    class    of Master Masons perform their    proficiency examination before the   brothers in  attendance. The   class    did   the   entire    proficiency flawlessly and   the   brothers were    all   quite    impressed. They    were then   presented their    bibles    by R∴W∴ DDGM Gary Kaufman and their   dues   cards    as  they   signed     the   By-Laws of  St.  Johns    Lodge    #1 Providence.

Our speaker that   evening was Shia  Afsaiof  Redwood Lodge     #35.    Brother Shia    spoke    on  his   topic    of “Thomas Paine, Deism  and  the  Masonic  Fraternity”. Bro.    Shia’s     presentation was   very    interesting to  the   Brethren as  he   separated fact   from fiction    on  the   legacy     of  Thomas Paine.    The   closing was   conducted by M∴W∴ Grand Master Stephen T. McGuire.

On May    22,   2017    the   Grand     Lodge held    its  installation of  Officers, installing M∴W∴  Peter  Iacobucci as  our   162th Grand     Master of  the   State    of  Rhode Island. The   event    was   well attended with    members of  the   craft    coming from    Vancover BC, Nova    Scottia and   Quebec, Canada to  honor    our   Grand Master. The    evening banquet at  Rhodes on   the   Pawtuxet was    attend by   over    four   hundred eighty brothers and   their    ladies. It  was   a wonderful start   for   our   Grand    Master on  his   first   day.   Appointed to the   Metro    District were R∴W∴ DDGM Robert B. Ellston and   his Grand Master of Ceremonies W∴Keith P.  Moan.     Please    welcome our   new    Metro     District officers when    you   see   them    during the upcoming year.

The June    21,   2017    communication will   be   opened at 6:00    PM   and   the   evening will   be   an  Award night.    The   Annual Communication will   be  held   on  Friday, June    23,   2017    with  a  5:30 PM   opening. I  look    forward to  welcoming you   all  in  Lodge     and wish you good health and safe travels.


William DeLuca                                                                                                                                     
Worshipful Master