Masters Message September 2017

Greetings Brothers!

I  hope  that  you  have  been  enjoying  our  beautiful  Rhode  Island  summer!  Though  the  Lodge  has  been  in  darkness,  your  line  of  officers and I have been quite busy preparing for the new Masonic year.

In July  we had the annual officers’ meeting at Ed Fielder’s home on Johnson’s pond  in  Coventry.  Brother  Fielder  has recovered from his injury and passed along his very best wishes to the Brethren.

On  August  13th,  our  annual  Lodge  picnic saw an incredible turnout of brothers, family,  and  DeMolays.    With  an  estimated attendance of 140, our Junior Warden and his crew had their hands full! My hearty thanks goes out to Brother Mazen Alsabe for heading up this year’s picnic.  Brother’s  Richard  Gonzalez,  Bill  Mott,  and  Joe  Pine volunteered their talents to the Junior Warden and I can certainly say that nobody left hungry! Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy a fun filled day at the Masonic Youth Center!!

Our September meeting will be a great chance to ease into a new year. John McNiff of the Roger Williams Monument Park in Providence will be coming to give a talk on Roger Williams and the founding of Rhode Island. John is very excited to make his return to our Lodge for first time since 2010.

Before closing this message, I have a favor to ask of you. Think of a Brother who hadn’t joined us in Lodge for a while and whom you dearly miss. Maybe it’s an older Brother who doesn’t get out much, or perhaps a younger one who has been tied up with his kids. If everyone gives a call to one long missed Brother and just imagine what a great night we could have reconnecting!!
I look forward to seeing you all on the level!

With love and fraternity,


Edward D. Bertrand
Worshipful Master