Masters Message March 2017

Greetings Brothers,

This  past  meeting  saw  a  presentation  by  Raymond  Wolfe  of  Scituate  on  two  of  his  latest  books.  World  War  II  and  Shirley,  His  Only  Love.  The  presentation  was  well  received by the Brethren with many remarking how enjoyable and informative the lecture was about real people in Rhode Island.

Coming   up   in   March   we   will   be  conducting the Master Mason Degree for our candidates.  Since  we  only  have  four  candidates  for  this  degree  it  will  be  conducted  in  its  entirety  that  evening.  Please  come  and  support  our  candidates  and  your  Officers  as  they  conduct this  degree.  Also  during  the  month  of  March  the  RWDD  Gary  Kaufman  will  be  making  his  annual  visitation  to  Jenks  Lodge  on  Monday,  the  27th.  All  brethren  are  welcomed  to  attend  this  visitation.

Dates  to  remember  as  we  move  forward  thru  the  year.  Our April meeting will be the RWDD Kaufman’s visitation to St. John  Lodge  #1  Providence.  The  guest  speaker  that  evening  will  be the Grand Master of Israel, Avi Baranes.  On May 6, we will be traveling to Euclid Lodge as part of our annual visitations. Please contact Brother Secretary if you are going to attend this event as the bus space is limited. We are keeping the cost the same as it was two years ago at $25.00. It’s a great value as those who have gone in the past know.

I look forward to welcoming you all in Lodge and wish you good health and safe travels.


William DeLuca                                                                                                                                     
Worshipful Master