Masters Message April 2017

Greetings Brothers,

This past meeting saw St. Johns Lodge #1   Providence   bestow   the   Master   Mason  Degree  upon  four  candidates.  The  following  candidates  and  those  that  raised  them  are:  John  P.  Gauthier  and  Bro.  Robert  Larrabee,  Peter   A.   Healy   and   Bro.   Mazen   Alsabe,   Kenneth  S.  Norman  and  R∴W∴  Douglas  J.  Grant  DDGM,  and  Norman  A.  Thompson  and Bro. Joseph A. Pine III. Our new Master Masons   gave   an   excellent   presentation   of   their Fellowcraft lecture and obligation. Their instructors, Joseph Bernier,  Collin  Plasse,  William  Mott  and  Joseph  Pine  are  to  be  commended for doing such a fine job in helping them prepare for the  evening.  R∴W∴  Douglas  J.  Grant,  DDGM  of  the  Central  District closed the Lodge with the assistance of the R∴W∴ Grand Marshall,  Elliott  R.  Greene.  I  am  thankful  for  their  assistance  after a long evening of degree work. I would like to commend the Officers of the line for the excellent degree work they presented during the evening. From the floor work to the lectures it was a true  pleasure  to  watch  them  from  the  East,  knowing  we  have  a  strong line for our Lodge going forward.

It  was  with  sadness  that  we  held  a  memorial  service  this  month  for  the  passing  of  one  of  our  newest  member,  Henry Cochrane  III.  The  service  was  held  at  the  Nardolillo  Funeral  Home  in  Cranston,  RI  with  over  twenty  brothers  in  attendance.  It was moving to see so many friends and family of our departed brother  extending  through  the  funeral  home  to  the  outside  area.  He will be missed but not forgotten.

I want to remind everyone that the Euclid Trip is coming up  on  May  6,  2017.  The  bus  is  already  half  full.  Any  brother  wanting to attend please contact Bro. Secretary either by telephone or email to secure your spot on the bus. The cost will be $25.00, the same as two years ago.

Our April meeting we will be hosting the R∴W∴ Gary Kaufman, DDGM of the Metro District for his last visitation in the district before he moves up to the Grand Council. The program for the evening will be presented by the M∴W∴ Avi Baranes, Grand Master of the State of Israel. His lecture will be on “The History of  Freemasonry  in  Israel”.  This  will  be  a  semi-public  program.  

We  will  be  doing  something  different  that  evening  in  regards  to  dinner.  A  table  will  be  setup  outside  the  dining  hall  before  the  meeting for brothers to pay in advance for dinner. This will allow those  brothers  to  bypass  the  line  at  recess  and  it  is  hoped  make  for a smoother, quicker line to get everyone into the dining room. Lodge will be opening at 5:30 PM.

I  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  all  in  Lodge  and  wish  you good health and safe travels.


William DeLuca                                                                                                                                     
Worshipful Master