Masters Message September 2015

My Brothers:

Summer quickly draws to a close, and I hope it has been a good summer for all.  Although we didn’t regularly communicate in the summer, St. Johns #1P was not completely quiet.  We enjoyed St. Johns Family Picnic on August 16th and had quite a nice turnout.  Roughly 125 brothers, family members and guests attended to enjoy a beautiful summer day together.  It was a fun and relaxing time.  Kudos go to W. Brother Ed Bertrand for planning and delivering such a fine time, along with his staff, Al Capobianco, John Paliotta, Matt McCormick, Richard Gonzalez and Mazen Alsabe.  Thank you brothers.

I am very excited for our regular communication on September 16th.  We will have a guest speaker, Dr. Marc Genest.  Dr. Genest is the Forrest Sherman Professor of Public Diplomacy in the Strategy and Policy Department and is Co-Director of the Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups (CIWAG) at the Naval War College. He is also the Area Study Coordinator for the Insurgency and Terrorism electives program.  Additionally, he was my advising professor in Graduate School.  He is currently writing another book about and will be speaking on Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty.  He will be tapping into his own experiences conducting counter insurgency operations in Afghanistan to analyze the Sons of Liberty as an insurgent group.  Dr. Genest is a gifted and talented man and speaker.  We will be at refreshment for his presentation, so family, friends, prospects, students, or anybody that you feel would be interested in his presentation is welcome.  I suspect that his presentation will commence about 7:30PM that evning.

Our dinners have been quite the point of discussion for a while now, so I wanted to share with you what my plans are for them. I will be contacting and hiring a number of different catering companies to provide our dinners for us, they knowing that we are vetting a new caterer.  Based on the feedback from all of you, we should be able to settle on a new caterer to use going forward.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations on caterers, please let me know.  As we enter the 2015/16 year, St. Johns has many programs and speakers planned, as well as degree work.  We are only running one class this year, which has worked well for us in the past two years. Our EA Degree will be in October.  If any brother knows of any prospective candidates who wishes to submit their application to St. Johns #1P, they must be submitted to Brother Secretary Lou Sherman by September’s regular communication on September 16th.  If they apply after that date, they will not be able to join the 2015/16 class for the EA degree in October.

Please remember our sick and shut in brothers and visit or call when you can.  It is important to them to know that they are neither forgotten nor unappreciated.  Please let me or Brother Secretary know of anybody who should be put on or taken off the sick list.  Brothers, we have a website, to which you can visit.  Go visit it when you can.  I will do my best to keep it updated with current and useful information.

Finally, remember that on Tuesday, September 8th there is a DDGM visitation to Overseas #40.  If you can, please join us for R.W. Poyton’s visit to Overseas.

Brothers, it is an honor and pleasure to serve you and the craft in the capacity and role that you have entrusted to me.  Please feel free to communicate any ideas, suggestions, issues or anything else that will further the betterment of our fraternity and our mission.  I hope to see all of you on September 16th, and may God bless all of you.

Timothy L. Culhane
Worshipful Master