St. John's #1P Masonic Lodge

St. John's currently meets in the scenic Edgewood section of Cranston,  every third Wednesday of every month except July and August.  The lodge and location are steeped in tradition and history relevant to Freemasonry, the state of Rhode Island, and the formation of this great nation, The United States of America.

Monthly Master's Message

Hello Brothers,

What a fantastic night of fellowship at our April communication! Congratulations to R:.W:. DDGM Gilbert Fontes, and his MoC W:. Jason Nystrom! Stories were told, tears were shed, and we are all looking forward to your years ahead!

At our communication last month we hosted a wonderful animal welfare organization, PawsWatch Community Cat Center. It was extremely informative and well received by all. Very impressive Shelter, to say the least, thank you for what you do!

Our communication this month will be on May 17th. We have another outstanding program! We will welcome Jamie Genereux from Packleader PetTrackers and his team of K9’s. They will share with us the skills and services they provide to families of missing pets and the extraordinary success stories, a must see!

Euclid No. 136 !!! We are traveling to Hasbrouck Heights, NJ to visit our Brothers on Saturday, May 13. The reservations are coming in and the bus will soon be filled. If you are interested in coming, please check to see if we have any vacancies and get your reservation in!

The plans for the day will include eating.... a lot! Drinks and cigars, and a lot of fellowship. It is going to be a day of fun and relaxation for all. We all have the “go ahead dispensation” to wear khakis and a polo for the whole day. Please remember to bring your apron and jewels if you have them. We will have coffee, donuts, muffins, and some other light refreshments for the ride.

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank every single one of you who has donated to our Animals in need. All the supplies and gift cards are extremely appreciated and very generous. Please keep it coming! These donations will continue for the rest of the Masonic year. We filled the box many times over, thank you thus far! I will repost a list of needs on our Facebook page as well.

Adult and Puppy Dog Food (Dry Kibble and Canned Wet)
Adult and Kitten Cat Food (Dry Kibble and Canned Wet)
Various Treats for Dogs and Cats (ie. Milk-bone, Temptations, etc.)

Cat Litter, Pee Pads, Collars, Leashes, Antibacterial wipes.

A much easier way to donate is an Amazon gift card, Chewy gift card, or Cash (to purchase said gift cards) for their Wishlist needs. Thank you!

“ Love and compassion for all animals is associated with a good moral character.”

Grazie Fratelli Miei ... ... ...

John B. Paliotta
Worshipful Master

St Johns 1P Masonic Lodge

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Lodge Meets on the Third Wednesday of each month except July and August.

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