Masters Message June 2018

Greetings My Brothers!

The month of May started off with an amazing day of  Brotherhood.    Our  NJ  Brethren  from  Euclid  Lodge #136 arrived on May 5th with a full bus of  smiling  faces.    Worshipful  Franco  Bernardo  brought  not  only  a  full  contingent  of  Euclid  officers and members, but also Most Worshipful Roger B. Quintana, RW DGM George J. Scott, and  several  other  members  of  the  NJ  Grand  Lodge  line.    We  enjoyed  a  top  notch  Italian  deli buffet with fresh bread, excellent meats & cheeses, and all the trimmings.  Johnnie Paliotta, his lovely lady Dina, and Al Capobianco deserve all  of  our  thanks  for  their  hard  work  in  getting  lunch ready for our Brethren.  After lunch, we all headed to the Ladd Observatory for a guided tour  with  some  interesting  history  about  the  facility and  late 19th century life in Providence.  Back at Freemasons’ Hall, Brethren from both jurisdictions  shared  a  Lodge  meeting  where  the  Grand  Masters  of  Rhode Island AND New Jerseys were received, along with a large suite of Grand Lodge officers.  A surf & turf dinner, and fraternal toast with some fine scotch topped off the truly memorable 30th annual inter-visitation between St Johns Lodge #1P and Euclid Lodge #136.  I would like to thank RW Rick Lynch and Rusty Booth for all their help in making it a perfect day!

Those  at  our  May  communication  saw  the  opening  of  the  Unity  Lodge #34 cornerstone box, which was first sealed in 1928.  Items were added to the box in 1978, and again in 1993 with the Lodge Merged with Barney Merry Lodge #29.  Our RW DDGM, Robert B. Ellston was on hand for the event.  He was Master of Barney Merry Lodge #29 in 1993, when Unity Lodge #34 merged, so his presence was quite fitting! The box contained a great many articles of historical interest. Prior to the box opening, Worshipful Robert Mason  indulged  my  request  to  share  a  bit  of  his  own  personal  history.  Bob joined the Lodge over 62 years ago! I’m so grateful at his willingness to share a bit of his story with us!

Our  June  communication  will  begin  with  a  special  treat.    The  officers  will  take  their  presumptive  2018-2019  stations  and open Lodge for us.  It’s a sneak peek at the year to come! As is customary, the June meeting will be our awards and honors night.  At the special request of this year’s candidates, Brother Ken Phillips will give the MM charge again, as they were in such awe of his outstanding ritual the first time.  Anytime Brother Phillips performs a poem or ritual, every eye and ear is focused on his presentation.  Please do not forget that June 20th is the last day of our collection of items for the residents of the RI Veterans Home.  If you can’t bring something from the list, any monetary donations will be used to buy items to include in the gift.  There are just under 200 residents at the Home and I hope to have one gift for each.
A year as Worshipful Master of St Johns Lodge #1P is truly like an hourglass.  Behold how swiftly the sands run; they pass away almost imperceptivity.  Brethren, I would like to thank you for  allowing  me  to  serve  the  Lodge  over  the  past  year.    Being  Worshipful  Master  comes  with  a  great  deal  of  pressure  and  responsibility, but the Master’s efforts are repaid ten-fold with the  sincere  love  and  affection  that  our  Fraternity  promulgates  among Brothers.

I whole-heartedly love each and every one of you, my Brothers!

As always, with love and fraternity,

Edward  D.  Bertrand                                                                                                                                      
Worshipful Master.