Masters Message May 2018

Greetings My Brothers!

April  was  a  long  and  arduous  month  in  the  quarries  of  Masonry.    We  had  meetings  on  consecutive  weeks,  thanks  to  the  March  snow cancellation, and a service for our dearly loved Brother  Edward  L  Calamar  Jr.  Our  Master  Mason   degree   brought   new   life   to   our   six   candidates.  I look forward to the future of our Lodge with the motivated those Brethren joining the  ranks  of  St  Johns  Lodge  1P.    The  April  18th DDGM  visitation  was  quite  the  amazing  night.  The sidelines were full with over 130 in attendance for the festivities and all enjoyed the talk by our newest member, Brother Greer.  My thanks to Brother Greer and everyone who made the DDGM visitation a special night.  

The  death  of  Eddie  Calamar  has  been  very  difficult for our Lodge.  He was a fixture in St. Johns 1P and embodied the  qualities  of  a  Freemason  to  his  core.    Brother  Calamar  did  my  investigation way back in 2003.  It was a pleasant meeting and left me  excited  to  join  the  Craft.    As  he  stood  to  leave,  he  remarked  in  true Eddie Calamar form, “It wouldn’t hurt to shave better and shine your shoes when you come to Lodge.” On the evening of his Masonic Service, I was sure to shave extra close and put a shine on my shoes to make sure Eddie would be pleased.  We’ll all miss him, but take solace  knowing  that  we  will  always  remember  and  honor  him  as  a  family.

Our May communication will be a good chance to explore both our history  and  our  future.    I  will  moderate  a  discussion,  interviewing  some of our Brothers, in the hopes of bringing us all closer together.  I’d  really  like  to  learn  what  brought  these  men  to  Masonry,  where  they  are  in  life,  what  stokes  their  passion,  and  what  they’d  like  to  see for the future of the Craft.  After the Q&A period, RW Richard Fonseca  Lynch  will  be  opening  the  Unity  Lodge  cornerstone  box.    After such a busy April with long meeting nights, May will be a nice change of pace!

Please don’t forget that we will be continuing our collection of items for  the Veterans’  Home  and VA  Hospital.   All  donations  should  be brand  new,  with  tags  affixed.   A  few  of  the  items  needed  include: flip  flops,  elastic  waist  sweat  pants,  slippers, AA/AAA/C  batteries, Kleenex, sunglasses, and sweaters.  Any cash donations will be used for needed items as well.  

I hope that everyone gets a chance to go enjoy the spring weather and shake off those long winter blues.

As always, with love and fraternity,

Edward  D.  Bertrand                                                                                                                                      
Worshipful Master.