Masters Message April 2018

Greetings My Brothers!

The  weatherman  threw  us  quite  the  curveball  in  March,  calling  for  nearly a foot of snow on our March 21st meeting night.    Having  that  information  in  mind,  I  consulted with our officers and postponed the March communication until April 11th.  By the time the vicious storm was over, the weatherman was proven more wrong than usual.  I’m sorry for  any  inconvenience  that  the  postponement may have caused.  That was the first weather-postponed  meeting  which  I  can  recall  in  my time in the Craft.  The April 11th meeting (5:30 open) and MM degree should go off, hopefully, without a hitch.  

Our  regular April  communication  will  be  on the 18th when our DDGM, Robert Ellston, will make  his  last  official  visitation  to  the  Metro District.    On  the  night,  Brother  John  Michael  Greer will give a talk entitled, “Our Operative Heritage – how the traces  of  operative  stonemasonry  in  the  Middle  Ages  have  shaped  our  modern  speculative  Craft”.    Brother  Greer  is  a  noted  author  and all-around great Brother.  Our April communication is always  a wonderful night of Brotherhood.  Please do your very best to come out and give a memorable sendoff to RW Ellston as he completes his trip through the Districts.    

On April 21st our Grand  Lodge  Youth  Committee  will  be  hosting  another  is  its  events  to  promote  the  RI  Masonic  family.    The “progressive dinner” will begin at 4PM at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center for an appetizer course sponsored by St Johns 1P.  From there the Masonic caravan will travel to Harmony Lodge for soup/salad, then to Grand Lodge for an Entrée, and finally Jenks Lodge for dessert and a DJ.  This free event is a wonderful chance to have Masons, their families, Rainbow, DeMolay, and OES share some fun and see several Lodge buildings over the course of one long meal! Please see me if you’ve never attended a Grand Lodge Youth Committee event and would like to come.

The  annual  inter-visitation  with Euclid  Lodge  is  coming  up  on May 5th.  This year we will be hosting our New Jersey Brethren at Grand Lodge.  They will arrive between 11:30-12:00 for fellowship and lunch, followed by a presentation at the Ladd Observatory in Providence.  Afterward, we’ll share a brief Lodge meeting before drinks,  dinner,  and  drinks.   This  year  is  the  30th  inter-visitation between  our  two  Lodges!  The  cost  for  RI  Brethren  is  $25  and will  include  lunch,  dinner,  beverages,  Ladd  Observatory  tour,  and  fellowship.  Please make paid reservations to me by April 30th with the included form. 

As always, I look forward to seeing you all and sharing great times! If you need anything or have a suggestion to make the Lodge better, please grab any of the officers and let us know.

As always, with love and fraternity,

Edward  D.  Bertrand                                                                                                                                      
Worshipful Master