Masters Message March 2018

Greetings My Brothers!

As our Masonic year rolls on, I think we are all hoping for an early end to the cold, snow, rain, and gray of winter!

Our February meeting was really one that will stand out for many years. The members of Gaspee DeMolay opened a Chapter meeting within our recessed lodge. The Gaspee officers truly did an amazing job, showing the brethren how ritual should be done! Members of Fidelity Chapter and Pawtucket Chapter were on hand, as well, lending support. If you know a young man, age 12 or older, and would like to learn more about DeMolay, please pull me aside. Also if any member would like to learn about DeMolay Advisor opportunities, I would be glad to share more information about the rewarding time I have spent as an advisor. These young men are the future of our Craft and our Nation!

The officers and I have been hard at work to prepare for our March communication. On March 21st we’ll open the lodge a bit early (5:30) and confer the Master Mason degree upon our class of candidates beginning around 7:15. Please join us to enjoy some fine degree work and show our candidates just what kind of a wonderful lodge they are joining! With the 3rd degree coming soon, it brings back so many memories of the brothers who worked hard to build the foundation upon which St Johns 1P stands today. If you have a moment at Lodge, take a peek at the various officer’ photographs on the wall. I’m sure that we are all thankful for the efforts of our officers of the past.

On February 13th, a contingent of officers and candidates attended a courtesy fellowcraft degree at Hope Lodge in Wakefield. My thanks to Worshipful Haldeman and his officers for the warm welcome and including one of our candidates in the degree.

On March 26th, the Grand Master will make his Metro District Visitation to Jenks Lodge. It would be a great show of support to see a number of our members alongside our officers on that evening. If you arrive before 6:45, that will afford plenty of time to get settled in and enjoy the evening with your brothers.

As always, with love and fraternity,


Edward D. Bertrand
Worshipful Master