Masters Message October 2014

My Brothers,

As you can see by the schedule elsewhere in this communication, October is going to be a busy month. We have 9 candidates and we’re running the EA Degree on both the 8th and 15th of the month to accommodate them. Try your best to come to lodge both nights to support the new candidates as well as the officers. Also in October, we’re hosting our Annual Special Ladies Luncheon on the 19th. As is tradition at St. Johns, we honor the ladies of our brothers who have passed by letting them know how important they are to us.
On September 3rd, I had the pleasure and honor of presenting Brother Joseph Netsel with his sixty-year pin…at his 100th birthday party. With family surrounding him, he accepted his certificate and pin and told me how much Freemasonry means to him and how much he misses coming to lodge. Brother Netsel is at the Clipper Home on Post Road in Westerly. Drop him a card or if you’re in the area, stop in a say “Hi”. I know he’d like to hear from you.
DeMolay and Rainbow going strong, thanks to some Brothers of St. Johns. While we have the momentum, I’d like a few volunteers to serve on the advisory board of the Rainbow Girls. Now is a good time to strengthen our relationship with the Rainbow Girls and offer continued support. If you are interested, please give me a call 401-487-4750 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
On November 2nd, St Johns has been invited to Hope Congregational Church in Riverside, RI. We attended worship services with the congregation of Hope last year and felt very much at home. Brothers of all denominations and family members are welcome. This is a good opportunity to remember how important it is to worship with our community. As Freemasons we represent many denominations and faiths but come together as brothers. We can expand on that and do the same in our communities.
The Grand Lodge Semi-Annual Communication will take place on November 15th at 1:00 PM. The Master and Wardens are required to attend but all Master Masons are welcome. If you have not attended an Annual or Semi-Annual Communication , its a great opportunity to see how things work and represent St. Johns Lodge at the same time.
Remember to call or visit our brothers on the sick list. We are all “our brothers keeper” and we need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. If you’ve ever been confined to home, hospital or nursing care, you know how alone and isolated you may feel. It always uplifting to hear a friendly voice or see a familiar face. I visited a sick brother recently and when I told him his brothers missed him, he was visibly moved. Be the “light” in a brother’s day.
When I started this journey as an officer of St. Johns, my first chair was outside the door. I was Associate Tyler under Henry Albers. As he was showing me where things were and how things worked, he shared many stories from his Masonic career. For those of you who didn’t know Henry, he passed when he was 92 and was active in the lodge into his 90’s. The stories he shared with me were priceless. His knowledge of the Craft was endless. I learned so much from him. And I still think about our conversations to this day. He was one of my early mentors. We all need to be a mentor to our newly raised brothers. If you see a new face, sit with him at dinner.
If he’s alone in Lodge, introduce yourself. If you’ve been around awhile, share your story with him. He may be fascinated and educated. I know I was.

Yours in the Craft,

Bob O'Brien
Worshipful Master