Masters Message June 2022

My Brothers,

In what seems like the blink of an eye, my time as Master of Saint Johns Lodge #1 Providence is coming to an end. My sun will soon set in the West, and a new Master will soon rise in the East to open and adorn the day.  As sad as I will be to lay down my gavel, I take comfort in Freemasonry’s lessons that arriving in the West is not an ending, but a moment of transition filled with hope for what is to come when the glorious new light rises again. I have no doubt that our incoming Master will shine brightly over our worshipful Lodge.

I wish to express my gratitude for the wisdom and counsel I received over the course of my year in the East from our Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Robert Ellston, Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden Rick Baccus, and Right Worshipful Associate Grand Lecturer Ed Kdonian. I am also happy that my time will overlap, however briefly, with that of our newly installed Most Worshipful Grand Master Robert Palazzo, Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master for the Metro District Gil Fontes, and our new Worshipful AGL Matt Cerullo. The Officers and Brothers of Saint Johns Lodge look forward to traveling with you.

Our Annual Joint Visitation with Euclid Lodge #136 (GLNJ) on May 14 was a perfect day of fellowship and brotherhood (and food, drinks, and cigars) that was enjoyed by all who attended. I know my line officers’ talents very well, but I was nevertheless awed by the level of precision and professionalism that went into the planning, coordination, and execution of the event under the direction of Brother Junior Warden Joe Bernier and captained on the day by Brother Senior Deacon Jason Shealy, with the dedicated support of the entire officer line and our newest Master Masons. Our brothers from Euclid Lodge continue to rave about the fantastic time they had with us!

A quick update on last month’s Referendum: the motion for a $30k donation to RIMAP toward their efforts to locate the Gaspee failed to pass with the necessary 5/6ths vote of members present. After the vote, I spoke candidly with several brothers who told me that their concerns were not about the cause the donation was going to, but rather the price tag of the donation itself, which they felt was higher than our usual expenditures. Taking that counsel to heart, I will be making a new motion at June’s meeting that SJ1P donate $15k to RIMAP’s Gaspee Discovery Project. I remain steadfast that RIMAP’s present efforts to preserve this important moment in our community, state, and national history are a worthy cause for SJ1P to support. As the proposed donation is in line with the level of financial contributions we have traditionally given to other projects in our community, the threshold for this vote will be a simple majority of members present.  As before, your comment and informed consent are welcomed.

And with that, my brothers, I close my final message as Master of Saint Johns Lodge #1 Providence. Be safe and be well, now and always.  It has truly been my honor to serve you.

W∴ Joshua A. Irizarry
Worshipful Master

St Johns 1P Masonic Lodge

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