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Masters Message November 2020

Greetings Brothers,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and remembered to “turn back” the clock. I feel that may become the theme of this late fall and winter. I would love to turn back the clocks to a time before Covid-19, but moving ahead through this temporary darkness will be a defining moment in all our lives. A lesson I have learned is that this too shall pass, but only the Great Architect knows in what time.

Let us all honor those that served in our military as we approach Veterans Day and remember the debt which we owe to them all. November also brings Thanksgiving. Normally a time to gather the extended family together and be thankful, sharing a hearty meal and watching some football. As it often involves travel, by plane, train or automobile, the holiday may look and feel differently this year. We still have much to remain thankful for and I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the fraternity and my thanks for all the Brothers and their families.

I ask that He continue to bless us and keep us safe in these times of uncertainty and to see us through darkness and into light.

As always, I stand ready to help, aid and assist the brethren in any way I can and with all the resources available to me.


Scott E. Miller
Worshipful Master