Masters Message February 2021

Greetings Brothers,

I hope this message finds everyone healthy and well after the first month of 2021. This new year seems a lot like the old year, but we knew that things wouldn’t miraculously change simply because the calendar ticked over after the last day of 2020. The good news is that each day that passes brings us that much closer to the end of this pandemic.

Our January Communication was the Most Worshipful Grand Master’s Special Visitationto our lodge and although the original plan of a Table Lodge was not in the cards, the presentation by David Brodyon his most recent book, Romerica: Roman Artifacts in America, was enjoyed by all. The Grand Master attended virtually, sitting in the East at Grand Lodge, and was accompanied virtually by a large and distinguished suite. The attendance hit a high of 81 and is a testament to the Grand Master and the desire of all Brethren to join together for an enjoyable presentation and night of camaraderie.

Grand Lodge has informed us that secret balloting can now be accomplished on Zoom and will allow lodges to move forward with voting on candidates and any other items that require a secret ballot. This is a great example of resiliency and creativity in the face of unusual challenges and speaks to the exceptional leadership exhibited by all at Grand Lodge. This pandemic will not get the better of Freemasonry.

The presentation for February will be from the Grand Historian, R∴W∴David Lavery, and details will be forthcoming. Expect an email from the Secretary, as well as an event page on our Facebook group shortly.

Finally, I want to thank all our members who have shown their strong support for our Brothers at the Prince Hall Grand Lodgeafter the devastating loss of their building and the historical items there. We have all found ourselves at one time in need of help and now we meet worthy Brothers in like circumstances. So we will contribute to their relief as liberally as we can without injury to ourselves. So Mote it Be!

As always, I stand ready to help, aid and assist the brethren in any way I can and with all the resources available to me.

Stay safe and stay well, Brothers!


Scott E. Miller
Worshipful Master


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