Masters Message June 2015

My Brothers,

Congratulations to Brother Raymond E. Hassell, M∴W∴ Grand Master for the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations on his installation as Grand Master. We look forward to your leadership and working with you. A hearty “well done” to our Past Grand Master, M∴W∴ Wyman P. Hallstrom, III. We enjoyed your leadership, working with you, and your visits to St. Johns Lodge. We’ll miss the “selfies” too!

At last month’s communication, the Rainbow Girls from around the state under the leadership of Mother Advisor, Donna Fox and Warwick Assembly No. 15 conferred the “Fun Degree” upon nine of our Brothers. It was great fun but also a great opportunity to show Rainbow and Demolay how important they are to us at St. Johns Lodge. Our continued financial support is important but our presence and availability is also important. I know everyone had a good time. The fellowship of the Craft was evident that night.

We have a busy month ahead with our regular stated communication on June 17th, our Annual Communication on the June 23rd and Steak Fry on the June 25th. We will be presenting 25 through 65 year Service Pins, awards and recognitions at our Regular communication. Its’ also the end of my term and the beginning of the next Master. The past Masters told me last June, that the year would fly by for me. That was an understatement! I can’t believe 12 months have passed already. I believe I accomplished most of what I set out to do. There are always a few plans that slip through the cracks but overall, I’m satisfied that all went well. At St. Johns Lodge, the high standards have been set by the formidable quality of the Past Masters. I hope I carried on the tradition and didn’t let the Lodge down. I’d like to thank the Past Masters for all their guidance, support, advice and “good counsel”. I’m forever in your debt. I also thank the Wardens and Officers for their support all year. The Wardens were always by my side to support and guide me with opinions when needed. We worked well together. I kept them in the loop and they offered feedback to keep the Lodge moving forward. St Johns Lodge had an excellent presence at District and Grand Lodge events this past year and that is due to the support of all the officers. We can’t be everywhere all the time but my Brother officers made an impressive showing by accompanying me wherever I went. I am very proud to represent St. Johns Lodge during my travels and was very proud to have this fine line of officers by my side. To all the Brethren of St. Johns, I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve you.

Yours in the Craft,
Robert O’Brien
Worshipful Master